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Kids in Preschool

Insurance for Childcare and Daycares

Insurance for childcare does not need to be so expensive or hard to find. You have your hands full, and insurance is likely the exact opposite of what you like to do. Allow our independent insurance agents to make it EASY! 

Aspire Insurance Agency represents many insurance companies with solutions to childcare and daycare operations, and can shop among them. Our partnership specifically with West Bend Insurance has broadened our scope and ability to find quality affordable insurance. Daycare in your home? No problem. Own or lease your space and need building coverage? No problem. 24 hour daycare? No problem. Lot's of kids? Dogs? Swimming pool on premise? NO PROBLEM!!

We offer a wide range of coverage to match your business. Including:

- General liability: For those slips and falls.


- Professional liability: If you or an employee drops, breaks or loses a kid.


- Building: For damage to your building.


- Business Personal Property: For damage to your business property.


- Business Income: For when the building burns down and you can't operate.


- Business Auto: For your van or hired/non-owned vehicles.


- Workers Compensation: Susan throw her back out giving swing rides?


- Employment practices: For when you drop, break, or lose an employee.


- Directors and Officers: For those bad management decisions.


- Animal Liability: For that Yorkshire terrier all the kids love.


- Sexual Molestation: Obviously not you, but your employee.


- Group Life Insurance: Because your a great boss!

Contact us, save money, have peace of mind, and keep being awesome!

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