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Cyber Liability Insurance 

Computer Keyboard

What Does Cyber Liability Insurance Cover

Everything we do anymore is somehow tied to our use of technology and computers are a vital part of our business.  Protect yourself from the financial harm your business could experience if a hacker broke into your system and destroyed all of your data or held your system hostage in exchange for a large ransom fee?

Do you keep confidential client information on your computers or in your cloud? Information like names, emails, dates or birth, social security numbers, credit card transactions, checking account information? 


Almost daily, we see stories of this company being hacked or that company being hacked.  Did you know that if it happens to you, the government requires you to follow a protocol in informing each of your customers that their private information may have been compromised by a breach in your company's computer system?  This is not an inexpensive process and the cost averages around $250 per notication.  Just think, if you have 1,000 customers, it may cost $250,000 just to notify your customers, not including any actual damages.

Call Aspire Insurance Agency today for a quote on Cyber Liability Insurance today.  Can you really afford to be in business without it?

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