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Jewelry Insurance

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Consider insuring your jewelry separate from your homeowners insurance

Jewelry is unique in the insurance world. Easily damaged, stolen, lost, or misplaced, not to mention EXPENSIVE. It's no wonder folks want to insure it when considered the significant loss that could be sustained. Many people choose to add or "schedule" coverage for jewelry on their homeowners insurance policies. This method usually promises a $0 deductible if a claim is made. However, a jewelry claim will count as a homeowner's claim on your record.


Even with jewelry insurance, it is tough to keep a jewelry loss from showing up on your chargeable record. However, if you insure your jewelry with a jewelry insurance company instead of with your primary homeowners insurance company, your homeowners company may not discover your jewelry loss. They would not count the loss against you when factoring your premium as long as you remain insured with that company. This is tremendously advantageous. After sustaining a jewelry claim, it would be possible and uncontrollable to sustain hail damage a short time later. You may now need your roof replaced, but would risk having two claims on your record with the same company, and even facing cancellation. 

Additional reasons to insure the jewelry separate from the home would be the typically cheaper price, and a company who specializes in ONLY jewelry. Your homeowners insurance company may be covering your ring as a courtesy, for you to keep all of your business with them. However, jewelry may not be their specialty, and they may not have done the actuarial work to price the jewelry coverage correctly. Many companies may be scared at how expensive a ring replacement is compared with the risk of it being worn everyday. Jewelry insurance companies have all of that worked out!