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Finding proper insurance for investment properties can be cumbersome. Many of the same insurance companies who are well known for providing home insurance decline to insurance many types of investment properties. "Investment property" can mean many different things creating concern for insureds and  insurance companies. We represent many different insurance comompanies offering a broad range of solutions, allowing us to find you the coverage you need at a competitive price.

Various types of ownership: Individuals, LLCs, corporations, trusts, partnerships, non-profits, contract for deed, non-performing notes

Various types of properties: Single Family, duplex/townhouses, apartments up to 20 units, condominium asscociations, condominium unit-owners

Various types of purpose: Long-term rental, short-term/vacation/ AirBnb/VRBO, fix and flip, major renovation, new construction

We know your time and money is valuable, and flexibility is key:

- Ability to change from under renovation to completed

- Ability to change from vacant to occupied

- Multiple properties on one policy or schedule

- Multiple entities covered by one policy

- Ability to escrow insurance payments

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