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2019: The Year You Take Control of Your Life… Insurance

You are poised for a break out year. Now is finally the time you are going to start hitting the gym, ditching the carbs, fostering your relationships, going for that promotion, cleaning out the garage, and taking control of your finances. The world is your oyster, but let us impose one more task on you, if we may- addressing your life insurance. You’re changing, you’re growing, well so is the life insurance market. Below are some reasons why now is the time to consider purchasing life insurance, or switching your existing coverage.

- Living Benefits: Life Insurance you no longer have to die to use. Several life insurance companies are incorporating living benefits, or even “accelerated death benefits” into their plans. With living benefits, if you are chronically, critically, or terminally ill, some life insurance companies will allow you to use a large percentage of your death benefit while you are alive to pay for costs. Cancer, heart-attacks, chronic illness, and car accidents can leave you out of work and out of money. Living benefits can keep you afloat. A less comprehensive, option, but with a similar spirit is the “Accelerated Death Benefit” or ADB. The ADB allows you to accelerate the death benefit only in the event of terminal illness (12-month projected life span), but again, can come in handy. The ADB is being included in many of today’s new term plans often at no charge!

- Your New Age: Didn’t make a move on life insurance in 2018? That’s OK, we can still help you obtain coverage. However, the price for the older you will be more than the younger you. That is because life insurance is heavily based on your age. Putting this decision off will cost you money simply for your age, not to mention the lack of guarantee that you will be healthy enough to qualify 1 year or more from now. If you are in a good position to apply for life insurance today, do it!

- Life Changes: You’re a different you. A wiser, more sophisticated you. Oh, and you also had a baby and bought a house? Just graduated college and now have a fat student loan balance? Started a business? If you pass away prematurely do you have money to cover the mortgage, college tuition, or your spouses exit from YOUR business?! Life insurance isn’t about you. It’s about your family. It’s how life goes on.

- Changes in Technology: Were you hesitant to purchase life insurance because it was too much paperwork, too big of a hassle? Endless pages of paper applications, sales reps in your home, medical tests, and an all-over headache? Many changes are making these features history. Online e-applications, accelerated underwriting with no medical exams, and e-signature, and e-delivery of documents are all options now-a-days.

Bottom line: If you’ve been considering a new life insurance purchase or change to existing insurance, contact Aspire Insurance Agency today!

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