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The Holiday Season is About Love, so is Life Insurance

Insurance may be one of the last things on your list during the Fall and Winter months; it may not be on your list at all. Insurance is boring, but your fantasy football league, family, hot chocolate, and presents are not. We can all agree on this. However, this may be the BEST time to address your life insurance.

5 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Address Life Insurance

1) Conditions outside (bad roads and weather) are getting more hazardous.

2) Flu season is October to May in the United States and can open the door to potentially fatal health conditions.

3) Holidays are for families. It is this time of year when you are thinking most about how much they mean to you. By addressing life insurance during this time, you can keep them at the top of your mind for this important decision. You may realize that aside from just paying off the mortgage in your absence, you would also like your children and grandchildren to continue to have a good Christmas or Hanukah after you are gone.

4) You may be spending more money on your current policy then you need to be, and who wouldn’t appreciate extra money in their pocket this time of year!

5) You are likely indoors spending more time on your electronics. Use these devices to navigate over to our website and request an appointment or phone call to discuss.

The Team at Aspire Insurance Agency believes that buying life insurance is the single most selfless financial decision most people make. Life insurance allows you to hug your loved ones after you are gone. It allows you to say “I love you” to them from beyond the grave. To say I thought enough about you to plan for this day, and that I only want you to experience hope, never despair. If you have life insurance currently, there is a good chance we can save you money. If you don’t have it, PLEASE give us a call today. We represent MANY different top companies with a wide range of affordable options.


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