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Understanding Farm Insurance: Scheduled vs. Unscheduled Farm Personal Property Coverage in Kansas

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As a farmer, protecting your livelihood is paramount. Whether you're dealing with crop cultivation, livestock management, or machinery maintenance, the risks inherent in farming are numerous. This is where farm insurance comes into play, offering a safety net against unforeseen events that could threaten your operations. Today we are going to talk about two key coverages for farm insurance in Kansas: Scheduled and Unscheduled Farm Personal Property.

Coverage E: Scheduled Farm Personal Property Coverage

Scheduled farm personal property coverage provides protection for specific high-value assets on your farm. This approach involves listing individual items and assigning predetermined coverage limits to each. Here are the categories typically covered under scheduled coverage:

Farm Products

From harvested crops to stored grains, farm products are vulnerable to various risks, including spoilage, pests, or adverse weather conditions. Scheduled coverage ensures financial protection against such losses, allowing you to mitigate potential setbacks. This coverage is for harvested products only. Wind/hail or multi-peril crop insurance can be used for planted crops.


Livestock represents a significant investment for farmers, and safeguarding these assets is crucial. Scheduled coverage enables you to specify the types and numbers of animals you wish to insure, providing peace of mind against risks such as disease outbreaks, accidents, or theft.

Farm Machinery

Tractors, combines, and other specialized machinery are indispensable for efficient farm operations. With scheduled coverage, you can protect these valuable assets against damage, theft, or malfunction, ensuring continuity in your farming activities. Check with your agent to see if additional coverage is available for equipment breakdown and extra expense, which can cover the cost of temporary replacement equipment and lost revenue for the inoperability of a key piece of equipment.

Trays, Bins, Assembled and Unassembled Boxes

Containers play a vital role in harvesting, storing, and transporting agricultural produce. Scheduled coverage extends protection to trays, bins, and boxes, safeguarding them against damage or loss during handling or storage processes.

Farm Office Equipment

From computers and printers to furniture and other office supplies, farm office equipment is essential for administrative tasks and record-keeping. Scheduled coverage helps mitigate the financial impact of damage or theft, allowing you to maintain operational efficiency.

Irrigation Equipment

Irrigation systems are critical for ensuring optimal crop growth and yield. Scheduled coverage provides protection for irrigation equipment against damage from accidents, mechanical failures, or adverse weather conditions, preserving your investment in efficient water management.

Portable Fences

Portable fences are versatile tools used for temporary enclosures, rotational grazing, or livestock containment. Scheduled coverage offers financial protection against damage or loss, allowing you to maintain the integrity of your fencing infrastructure. It is important to note that permanent farm fencing is typically covered under Coverage G: Farm buildings and structures, and personal fencing (think backyard to main dwelling) would be covered under Coverage B: “Other private structures”.

GPS Equipment, Mobile Radios, Antennas, and Towers

Modern farming relies heavily on technology for precision agriculture and communication. Scheduled coverage extends protection to GPS equipment, mobile radios, antennas, and towers, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and operational efficiency.

Bee Hives and Boards

Beekeeping plays a crucial role in pollination and honey production, making bee hives and boards valuable assets for farmers. Scheduled coverage helps mitigate the financial risks associated with beekeeping, protecting your investment in this vital aspect of agricultural sustainability.

Coverage F: Unscheduled Farm Personal Property Coverage

Unscheduled farm personal property coverage offers broader protection for a diverse range of farm assets without the need for itemized listings. It encompasses items such as tools, supplies, farm produce, and miscellaneous property that may not meet the criteria for scheduled coverage but are nonetheless essential for farm operations. This coverage is useful for many odds and ends found on the farm.

Coverage F can also be used to provide coverage for newly acquired and replacement farm machinery through the remainder of the policy term.

It can be important to note that “farm personal property” is separate from “household personal property” such as clothes, furniture, kitchen supplies, and personal electronics used for pleasure in the main farm dwelling. These coverages are covered under coverage C: Household Personal Property.

Choosing the Right Coverage for Your Farm

In conclusion, understanding the difference between scheduled and unscheduled farm personal property coverage is essential for farmers in Kansas. By choosing the right mix of coverage options tailored to your specific needs, you can protect your assets and mitigate the financial risks associated with farming.

When selecting farm insurance coverage for your operations, consult with your insurance agent. There can be many nuances as to what coverage on the policy is appropriate to cover certain items. Be open about the types of property that exist on your farm. Creating a schedule of property can assist you and your agent by making sure you are both on the same page. This can also be a good practice to help speed up a claim should one occur, as you will be able to provide the claims adjuster with a list of items that may be involved.

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