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Wet Basement?

With the recent storms and heavy rainfalls, we are hearing many stories again of wet basements.  If this happens to you, here are some good things to know:

Happy Thanksgiving from Aspire Insurance Agency!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Aspire Insurance Agency! Thanksgiving represents a much needed reminder in our lives that we should stop and count our blessings and to thank God and the people around us who make these blessings possible.¬† Many of us lead such hurried lives, struggling to get from task to another that […]

Do Red Cars Cost More to Insure?

Contrary to our parents’ and grandparents’ insistence, the answer is NO.¬† Insurance companies are color blind when calculating your rates.¬† In fact, companies do not even ask the color of your car when calculating rates. The Insurance Information Institute agrees, “It doesn’t matter if your car is red, green or purple.¬† What does matter is […]

A Recipe For Memorial Day

Memorial Day is this weekend and a great opportunity to honor our fallen soldiers and remember our lost loved ones.¬† It is also the unofficial start to summer and many people take this long weekend to get together with family and friends.¬† Lots of people will be going to cookouts and enjoying the nice weather.¬† […]

Why Choose Aspire Insurance Agency

Here is Marty to talk about how Aspire Insurance Agency strives to provide you with choices for your insurance while offering superior customer service.

What Does Your Insurance Agent Do?

Having been in the¬†insurance business¬†23 years, I have been privileged to¬†meet some great insurance agents over the years.¬† The really good ones work very hard to please their customers and are very passionate about what they do.¬† Unfortunately, there are also many agents who seem to do little for their present clients but collect their […]

5 Things You Should Know About Aluminum Foil

The idea for this blog came from my dad, who was talking about a common fire hazard that people were unaware of.¬† The hazard is WHAT? Aluminum foil?¬† I thought ¬†the stuff was fireproof.¬† As it turns out, there’s a few other things about aluminum foil that I was unaware of.¬† Here’s 5 things you […]

Winterizing Your Home

As the nighttime temperatures drop and sweatshirts come out, it is time once again to prepare our home for the onslaught of winter. We have compiled a list of things to consider to keep your home safe, warm and energy efficient. Here we go:

What’s In Your Castle? Time For Home Inventory.

They say a man’s home is his castle. And in that castle we keep all of our treasured worldly possessions. But what if we came home tomorrow to find that our home wasn’t there?

What An Umbrella Policy Can Do For You

It is often said that proper insurance can keep a bad day from turning into a bad life.¬† A personal umbrella policy may do just that. Lawsuits¬†¬† are prevalent today and since no one can predict the size of a court awarded settlement to an injured person, umbrella policies are an essential part of your […]